Gosling Price List


2018 Elite-bred Gosling Price List

Generation after generation we have been able to maintain or improve the world-class quality of our stock by selecting the top 10% of birds to use in our breeding yards.  Many of our Top Show Quality matings consist of the top 1%.






Newly Hatched American Lavender Gosling

Minimum shipped orders are 4 goslings


(each prices are straight-run)




*Top Show Quality



  American, assorted colors $35.00 --- $100.00   40.00   110.00
  American, Blue $40.00 --- $110.00   60.00  150.00
  American, Lavender Ice $40.00 --- $110.00   60.00   150.00
 +Brown Giant Dewlap African

(Top Show Quality Only)

  65.00   165.00
  Buff Giant Dewlap African (Top Show Quality Only)   75.00   175.00
 +Giant White Embden 

(Top Show Quality Only)

   55.00   140.00
 +Giant Dewlap Gray Toulouse

(Top Show Quality Only)

  120.00   300.00
  Shetland, Auto-sexing   SOLD OUT

(Top Show Quality Only)

  55.00 145.00
+Exhibition Gosling Assortment

(Top Show Quality APA recognized breeds)

  35.00 100.00
  Show Quality Gosling Assortment  

(Top Show Quality APA /non-APA recognized breeds)

  25.00   80.00
  Fancy Gosling Assortment   18.00 --- --- --- ---


*Top Show Quality Goslings are out of our special exhibition matings.  Keep in mind that not every baby out of even the best stock will be a show bird. A good rule of thumb is to raise 2 to 3 babies for each adult show bird wanted.

+Breeds and varieties that are officially recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA).

Note:  When the regular price and Top Show Quality prices are the same, it means that we only have Top Show Quality matings in that breed or variety.


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