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Contact Us

MAILING ADDRESS:  Holderread Waterfowl Farm

                               P.O. Box 492

                               Corvallis, OR 97339  

PHONE:  When calling, expect to talk to Millie; our phone number is 541-929-5338.  Please remember that we are closed Sundays, Christmas & Thanksgiving.

IMPORTANT:  if you phone us, please keep in mind that this is a working farm--Millie does a whole lot more than answer the phone!  We apologize for not being able to engage in long conversations, especially during the hatching season when we work 16-to 20-hour days, and are on a very tight schedule.  When we are working in the hatchery, we often cannot answer the phone, but we do check the answering machine frequently.  From March through June, the best time to reach us is Wednesday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (Pacific Time).

E-MAIL:  Emails to duckgoosefarm at gmail dot com are generally responded to by Millie's sister, Wanita, in consultation as needed with Millie & Dave. (Note:  We are using this format so spam bots are unable to use our address.  When using this address, use normal format.) 

IMPORTANT:  We accept e-mails for the following purposes:  catalog requests, reserving adult birds  and short messages.  We're sorry, but we do not have the time to engage in long e-mail communications.  When possible, we check our e-mail messages once/day Monday-Friday.  We respect the privacy of our customers and do not share our email address list.

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